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Angels, super man

Month, Day: 168, Grandeur, Might (Majesty)

Continuing on the theme of the Brights, we need to list a few things that are important to the world view needed for a constructive build. Actually, there are many things, but we can start with a few. Some of these will be almost antithetical to the opinion of some, yet they need to be allowed (without causing the need for belief on the person who is reading and trying to process the notions - such as, Moments and more).

One of these will be the issues related to angels. The section at wiki is not complete, but it does provide a starting point to which we can add.


Why 'super man' in the title? Well, one of the Brights thinks that those who accept the supernatural (many ways to define this, but the BASIS for this author would be the Writings - ah, that brings up the problems related to how we process these) ought to call themselves super.

So, I am a super man. Okay? Now, as to delusional leanings, don't count on it. Why? I may not have the wherewithal, at this point, to demonstrate the 'super' in an undeniable sense, yet the Brights do not have any proof that is sufficient to show that it is not. Too, the ontological issue is not resolved by any cardinality of set. That is, all the Brights throughout Creation, and all of time, cannot pull together the necessary proof, either, to remove the underpinnings (even if there were such) of the 'super' position.

It's a stalemate to any reasonable stance, easily handled by updating Blaise's take on the matter.


Now, back to angels, such as this, KAF (16):
  • We created man: and we know what his soul whispereth to him, and we are closer to him than his neck-vein.
  • When the two angels charged with taking account shall take it, one sitting on the right hand, the other on the left:
  • Not a word doth he utter, but there is a watcher with him ready to note it down:
This notion is not unfamiliar to most, as it has almost the same universality as does the golden rule. There are several of these statements on angels that we'll collect together after they are itemized.


A definite recurring theme, that we'll get back to.


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