Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Old views

Month, Day: 173, Might, Mercy (Perfection)

I read Private Dowding back in 1968 in San Francisco after finding the little book in the Bahai Library. Remarkable, I thought (see my dreams of Hitchens of late). Over the years, I thought of the book, now and then.

At that time, I became aware of Tolkien's work. Imagination is a marvelous thing. After reading the first volume of the Ring series, I had to run to the bookstore to get the second one. A one-time read was sufficient. The popularity, including movies, 40 years later says a lot about the spirit of the times.

My rule is to not see a movie if I read the book first after having been disappointed in things not matching up to my imagination (Paul Simon's song comes to mind). 

So, given the recent emergence of the web/cloud, we are finding things on line all of the time. I ran across Private Dowding at a Bahai site. It was PDF form.

Here is the book at archive.org (which site does wonderful work).


About dreams, see Valley of Wonderment. I can attest to the phenomenon's importance having been dreaming for decades, including all of the Principals of the Faith. That is one motivation for my apple of the Bab's eye remarks.

Actually, Hitch seemed to be off to something new. He was of comprehension (see SAQ).

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Month, Day: 173, Might, Splendour (Justice)

I have been on Quora for a year now. This is a post from December. It links to others.

 Why did the Bahá'í Faith come into existence in an Islamic country?

I did these in an anonymous mode. And, I have not found a method to convert back. Yet.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Blogs and such

Month, Day: 173, Grandeur, Will (Majesty)

Came across some nice blogs, today. This is a mere list of a few posts.
I will be adding more to this list as I run across them.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Questions of Beauty

Month, Day: 173, Beauty, Questions (Justice)

     Question/Question - basis for science, Concepts and questions, ...
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Groups and Chords

Month, Day: 173, Glory, Beauty (Beauty)

This is just a collection of some things, for now (motivation started during Fast time of 2009). 

The groups.

Splendour, Glory, Beauty, Grandeur  
     Light, Mercy, Words, Perfection
             Names, Might, Will, Knowledge
     Power, Speech, Questions, Honour
Sovereignty, Dominion, ***, Loftiness    
             *** Intercalary 

From: 7V and 4V

prior, static, Western

... in works ...

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