Monday, March 2, 2015

approaching 50 years

Month, Day: 171, Intercalary, #4 (Beauty)

It was fifty years ago, this time of the year, that I first heard of the Glory (of God - BASIS). The time frame was spring break, college campus. Being not of the 1%, I worked through the break. However, at the same time, I took the remaining leisure period to read Tolstoy's War and Peace (unabridged). In English, even though at the time I was taking Russian.

So, there is a story before and after this time, however, we're just doing a little snapshot. On the before, the key thing would be apple of the Bab's eye. The after? Let's just say that we'll continue these signets for as long as we're on the planet.


My older brother said, here, you might be interested in this and handed me an invitation to a talk that was taking place at the Student Union that afternoon. Why, given that he was not leaning toward anything? The talk? Someone was giving a presentation on their trip to Israel.

I went. Why not? Slides (photos) and yakking. Typical. The speaker mentioned God. And I was out of the room like a shot out of a cannon (yes, the before included a stint in the military - not exactly peacetime, let's say, in between war time). Then, on that day, agnostic (I was never stupid enough to be atheistic - or, perhaps, I ought to give credit to the characteristics of that before picture) would be a good modifier for my state of mind.

In short, the introduction to the Faith was brief. Was that the end of it? Evidently not. Look, if you would, at the tone of this blog. But, that's the rest of the story (no such thing, as we all know).


03/01/2015 --

Monday, February 9, 2015

Dominion then Loftiness

Month, Day: 171, Dominion, Beauty (Perfection)

Missed Sovereignty. The time of the yearly measure approaches.


From Baha'i World Faith (page 81): THE ETERNITY OF THY MAJESTY --- How marvelous, then, are the manifold tokens of Thy might and how great are the diverse evidences of Thy power!
    The learned have, without exception, admitted their ignorance when confronted with the radiance of the Luminary of Thy knowledge;
    and the mighty have all confessed their impotence in the face of the billowing Ocean of Thy power;
    and the rich have one and all acknowledged their poverty before the effusions of the Treasuries of Thy wealth;
    and the worldly wise have each recognized their nothingness beside the splendors of the Light of Thy beauty;
    and the exalted have all witnessed unto their abasement when face to face with the effulgence of the Day Star of Thy glory;
    and they who are in authority have borne witness to their own evanescence and to the evanescence of others, and discovered the eternity of Thy majesty, and of Thy sovereignty, and of Thy sublimity, and of Thy power.

02/09/2015 --

Monday, January 12, 2015


Month, Day: 171, Honour, Power (Perfection)

Earlier, we mentioned the Twin Festivals (twin days) which were October 20th and November 12th of each year and which celebrated the births.

A change in 2015 will bring these days together based upon a lunar calendar. The main calendar will be based upon the solar year with Teheran, Iran being the meridian.


01/12/2015 --

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A gift that keeps giving

Month, Day: 171, Questions, Loftiness (Grace)

Questions, our best gift.

There are some interesting mappings twixt the old calendar (predominant one) and the new (that used by this blog). Take 12/12 which is the start of Questions (15/1). Then, 12/26 is Questions of Questions (15/15, if you would).  And, today, last of Questions, is one day prior to the year end. 12/31 is 16/1.

In 2014, Questions of Questions occurred on the day of Independence. 

Now, the best one is 8/1 and 8/1. As in, August which is the days of the dog, so to speak, starts on the same day as does the month of Perfection. The square day for Perfection? 8/8. And, there are more.


We'll get back to the audaciousness that will be required: symmetry, BASIS, diagonals/groups, and more.


12/30/2014 --

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Questions, favorite month; Pages and tabs

Month, Day: 171, Questions, Mercy (Justice)

My favorite month. If you think about it, the gift of Questions is the basis for knowledge and science.


Too, remember the reflection point, knowledge of which (BASIS) will be central to a stable future.


Just became aware of the Pages feature which is nice as it allows an overview that is outside of the temporal one and beyond the capability of the categorical.


12/17/2014 --