Friday, August 31, 2018

Koran - translation by Rodwell

Month, Day: 175, Names, Knowledge (Independence)

This post will contain references to the Koran, as translated by Rodwell, and to studies related to the translation. This was the recommended translation for Baha'is back in the 1960s.
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August, 2011 to 2015

Month, Day: 175, Names, Knowledge (Independence)

Given cycles (with which are energies), looking across these is apropos. So, this. Have not had posts in August since 2015. So, we'll look at five years of August.

  • 2011 (3) - Ramada started in Perfection which is the last of the Teleological.
  • 2012 (5) - The Master was in New England while visiting the States. Then, He had his western jaunt including a stop in Colorado (in the mountains), San Francisco (and surrounds) and a quick visit to Los Angeles (Thornton Chase - cuz).
  • 2013 (5) - Octaves and more.
  • 2014 (1) - Science and Questions (found stale link).
  • 2015 (1) - Photo from  Green Acre, summer of 1912.
Will be doing more of these.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Signs of God

Month, Day: 175, Mercy, Loftiness (Majesty)

We have the ability to know. 'We' meaning us, humans, in general. Too, we are never burdened beyond our capabilities.
  • Gleanings (LII): Say: The first and foremost testimony establishing His truth is His own Self. Next to this testimony is His Revelation. For whoso faileth to recognize either the one or the other He hath established the words He hath revealed as proof of His reality and truth. This is, verily, an evidence of His tender mercy unto men. He hath endowed every soul with the capacity to recognize the signs of God. How could He, otherwise, have fulfilled His testimony unto men, if ye be of them that ponder His Cause in their hearts. He will never deal unjustly with any one, neither will He task a soul beyond its power. He, verily, is the Compassionate, the All-Merciful.
'signs' is very significant in this day of technological wonders. 'task' denotes a whole lot more than many might realize.

This starts a new month that coincides with a new moon (and month). We are still dealing with the Teleological

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Month, Day: 175, Mercy, Might (Grace)

The physical experiment could not detect that which is. People can sense it. So, 'psychether' is a proposed framework. It'll be further discussed, as mentioned in 2009 (Utterance). But, the original use goes back to the 1990s (precedence seen here: Truth engineering - Psychether). Further elucidation started with the Quora blog: Psychether - Introduction).  

Setting the stage, here are two quotes.
  • One is from the Bible. Isaiah mentioning that the earth is God's footstool. This was used in several places (Bible Hub). From this (and other messages), we get this admonition: One hour limit plus more.
  •  Gleanings, XIV: Great is thy blessedness, O earth, for thou hast been made the foot-stool of thy God, and been chosen as the seat of His mighty throne.
 Introductory only, for  now.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hud and its sisters

Month, Day: 175, Light, Names (Justice)

Fifty years ago, the recommendation was Rodwell's translation, or Sale's. I picked the former first. Later, I got the latter. I have gone through the former several times. Of late, I picked it up again in order to be a little more thorough. Say, looking at footnotes.

It is nice to see that there is an on-line copy, via archive[.]org (support them).

Frankly, I do not read in the normal sense. I pick up a book and just randomly choose a page. That mode is what Arthur Koestler talked about in terms of the 'library angel' (opening doors). Today, I opened at Hud which has been one of several favorites (Mary is another). And, I saw this footnote related to sister Surahs. Had not seen that before.

Well, too, I noted my notes, many pointing back to references to this text from the Writings, especially 7V4V. So, sisters? Rodwell had two. Then, I see that some have more sisters. One example (

But backing up. These links help step the stage for going forward.  We are dealing with translations, so nuances abound.
On Hud and its sisters:
Looks like some fun will be ahead.

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