Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ascendant, again

Month, Day: 173, Sovereignty, Splendour (Justice)

The long trek of the year ends with the Ascendant group that leads us toward the Transcendent.

The other groups are Teleological, Operational, and Motivational (which we just left).

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Favorite month

Month, Day: 173, Questions, Glory (Perfection)

Without Questions, there would be no science.

With Questions, we can see that there is no month named Answers.

And, we get to revisit the topic every month. 

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tests, 2016, again

Month, Day: 173, Speech, Light (Glory)

We said tests, last time.Sure enough,Americans went through something that was unprecedented and not over, yet. Helps to know to be uninvolved with politics. However, science says to look at things anthropologically.

The adage about history kept coming to mind. There are a whole lot of mindsets that do not seem to be grounded; too, changes, such as technology, can pull one from reason, even when reason seems to be at the core of it.

And, so, we go forward. Which direction? Who knows? 

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Tests, 2016

Month, Day: 173, Will, Questions (Perfection)

Americans are going through tests (a test?) the next four weeks. So, the larger picture attracts as a means to arise above the mud-slinging.

I like getting back to the Valleys (see Ontology from Honour). We need to think more of the level of spirits in regard to insights that might help science. Those little bits are there.

We do have limits as to what speech can convey (see But, of course). One hope is that executable code goes beyond that state (approximating being). That might be a serious bane, though. Except, it could teach, very well, just how much better we are (can be) at being than is anything artificial. 
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Old views

Month, Day: 173, Might, Mercy (Perfection)

I read Private Dowding back in 1968 in San Francisco after finding the little book in the Bahai Library. Remarkable, I thought (see my dreams of Hitchens of late). Over the years, I thought of the book, now and then.

At that time, I became aware of Tolkien's work. Imagination is a marvelous thing. After reading the first volume of the Ring series, I had to run to the bookstore to get the second one. A one-time read was sufficient. The popularity, including movies, 40 years later says a lot about the spirit of the times.

My rule is to not see a movie if I read the book first after having been disappointed in things not matching up to my imagination (Paul Simon's song comes to mind). 

So, given the recent emergence of the web/cloud, we are finding things on line all of the time. I ran across Private Dowding at a Bahai site. It was PDF form.

Here is the book at (which site does wonderful work).

About dreams, see Valley of Wonderment. I can attest to the phenomenon's importance having been dreaming for decades, including all of the Principals of the Faith. That is one motivation for my apple of the Bab's eye remarks.

Actually, Hitch seemed to be off to something new. He was of comprehension (see SAQ).

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