Sunday, May 24, 2015

John Forbes Nash, Jr.

Month, Day: 172, Grandeur, Perfection (Beauty)

Blessings. He had an impact far beyond what he knew; we will have a series about this under the theme that has been labeled audacity.

GWU: In man there are two expressions, one is the expression of nature, the other the expression of the spiritual realm.

Nash's work has been highjacked/kidnapped in order to support the former, as in, making gaming as the basis from which we get natural outcomes like "dwarinian" methods and views. 


Wikipedia has a very good listing of types of games.  Nash, of course, dealt with equilibria conditions, assuming that such were pertinent. Why say that? We need to describe a "sucker"game (actually, Blaise started this - we need to update with modern parlance).

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Month, Day: 172, Beauty, Names (Justice)

Gleanings XCV: First and foremost among these favors, which the Almighty hath conferred upon man, is the gift of understanding. His purpose in conferring such a gift is none other except to enable His creature to know and recognize the one true God—exalted be His glory. This gift giveth man the power to discern the truth in all things, leadeth him to that which is right, and helpeth him to discover the secrets of creation.

Audacity (in regard to understanding) will talk of the Master's model plus comprehension and symmetry.

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Friday, April 3, 2015


Month, Day: 172, Splendour, Speech (Independence)

"The Science of Near-Death Experiences" Yes, The Atlantic, April, 2015. At a conference, there are badges: Speaker, Panelist, Volunteer, Experiencer.

Gosh, how to get people to realize that they can have one in a dream? Valley of Wonderment.

Nowhere have I run into some Baha'i driven worldview that is operationally effective in science. Well, first of all, what is science? What? Afraid to step on the toes of the materialists (or Brights)?

I have often wanted to hear from the staunch deniers after they stepped over. Well, Hitchens responded, for one. After I wrote that original post, my brother passed over. Those two never got together, but my college roommate did. All of these were about the same time frame (birth cohort and terminus loci - we have to get back to symmetry and its use).

Anyway, back to NDEers, many of whom take grief from those with their super-powered microscopes (all types, now mostly of software - ah, opening up things to the genies) who want to see (even if their sense if many levels and filters away from whatever is associated with phenomena): enjoy and learn from your experience even if positive or negative.

Our view is that being far from God is hell (paraphrasing, okay?). Now, one way for that to happen is to be wrapped (now, again, all sorts of world views are talking this).

So, that brings up a question: Can one not know on the other side, as in, not even be aware of the transition? Of course. But, we're not going there, now (the focus is how to bolster science to be as it ought to be).

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04/03/2015 -- We are in the first group by month (Transcendent) and fourth group by day (Motivational).

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2nd, Teleological

Month, Day: 172, Splendour, Light (Justice)

We just completed the Transcendent group of the 1st month, right after the yearly measure.

      Splendour, Glory, Beauty, Grandeur.

Now, we are into the Teleological which may be more in our grasp.

      Light, Mercy, Words, Perfection.

Then, we get to what we can do, namely Operational.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Essence and prayer

Month, Day: 171, Loftiness, Dominion (Majesty)

Long Obligatory Prayer                  

O Thou in separation from Whom hearts and souls have melted, and by the fire of Whose love the whole world hath been set aflame!  I implore Thee by Thy Name through which Thou hast subdued the whole creation, not to withhold from me that which is with Thee, O Thou Who rulest over all men!  Thou seest, O my Lord, this stranger hastening to his most exalted home beneath the canopy of Thy majesty and within the precincts of Thy mercy; and this transgressor seeking the ocean of Thy forgiveness; and this lowly one the court of Thy glory; and this poor creature the orient of Thy wealth.  Thine is the authority to command whatsoever Thou willest.  I bear witness that Thou art to be praised in Thy doings, and to be obeyed in Thy behests, and to remain unconstrained in Thy bidding.

There is no God but Thee, the Almighty, the All-Bountiful.  There is no God but Thee, the Ordainer, both in the beginning and in the end.  O God, my God!  Thy forgiveness hath emboldened me, and Thy mercy hath strengthened me and Thy call hath awakened me, and Thy grace hath raised me up and led me unto Thee.  Who, otherwise, am I that I should dare to stand at the gate of the city of Thy nearness, or set my face toward the lights that are shining from the heaven of Thy will?  Thou seest, O my Lord, this wretched creature knocking at the door of Thy grace, and this evanescent soul seeking the river of everlasting life from the hands of Thy bounty.  Thine is the command at all times, O Thou Who art the Lord of all names; and mine is resignation and willing submission to Thy will, O Creator of the heavens!

O Lord of all being and Possessor of all things visible and invisible!  Thou dost perceive my tears and the sighs I utter, and hearest my groaning, and my wailing, and the lamentation of my heart.  By Thy might!  My trespasses have kept me back from drawing nigh unto Thee; and my sins have held me far from the court of Thy holiness.  Thy love, O my Lord, hath enriched me, and separation from Thee hath destroyed me, and remoteness from Thee hath consumed me.  I entreat Thee by Thy footsteps in this wilderness, and by the words “Here am I. Here am I” which Thy chosen Ones have uttered in this immensity, and by the breaths of Thy Revelation, and the gentle winds of the Dawn of thy Manifestation, to ordain that I may gaze on Thy beauty and observe whatsoever is in Thy Book.

O God, my God!  My back is bowed by the burden of my sins, and my heedlessness hath destroyed me.  Whenever I ponder my evil doings and Thy benevolence, my heart melteth within me, and my blood boileth in my veins.  By Thy Beauty, O Thou the Desire of the world!  I blush to lift up my face to Thee, and my longing hands are ashamed to stretch forth toward the heaven of Thy bounty.  Thou seest, O my God, how my tears prevent me from remembering Thee and from extolling Thy virtues, O Thou the Lord of the Throne on high and of earth below!  I implore Thee by the signs of Thy Kingdom and the mysteries of Thy Dominion to do with Thy loved ones as becometh Thy bounty, O Lord of all being, and is worthy of Thy grace, O King of the seen and the unseen!

Remarks:  03/19/2015