Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Month, Day: 174, Splendour, Speech (Grace)

I first saw this prayer years ago, in a book printed in the '50s in London. It was #72 on page 77. The original edition was in 1945.

I wanted to find the text on-line and did a search. The results are interesting and ought to invoke some conversation, I think. Some see this as being a good prayer for addiction. Or, just for operational aspects of life which never simple.

However, the prayer content bled over to the common world.

From 1909: A Pastor's Prayer - The Western Christian Advocate, Volume 75
From 1911: A Worker's Prayer - The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review, Volume 46  

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ascendant start

Month, Day: 174, Loftiness, Sovereignty (Beauty)

See Transcendent end.

Earlier, I mentioned Chords in this context and tried to pay a little more attention. 
Today, we have this: Splendour, Light, Names, Power, Sovereignty. The Teleological is symmetric around the Operational with the Motivational in a very interesting sense.

Of course, the Transcendent and Ascendant reign.

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Transcendent end

Month, Day: 174, Loftiness, Grandeur (Perfection)

Groups and their effectiveness

Months and days, abound with significance.

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03/18/2018 -- Various threads make interesting patterns: Ascendant start.

Friday, January 12, 2018


Month, Day: 174, Honour, Speech (Independence)

I just became aware of this list. Had a dream of PK with another Fulbright fella present. Did not even know that PK had passed on.


Picked up the list here: Peter Khan.

About controversies of the south, I have cousins in Aussie land. And, have a strong tie to the 400 years on the northern end, namely personal history of the U.S.

BTW, I am doing 'psychether' as motivated by the Guardian's comment about ESP being of psychology. We span; EE looks at the physical aspects; bringing in the more non-normal is our task, somewhat.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Fifty years

Month, Day: 174, Honour, Glory (Glory)

Fifty years ago, a couple of months back, I signed the card and became a member of the Faith. Since then, lots of water under all sorts of bridges including those spanning multiple worlds.

A along, sloughing on the religion/science trail. Sometimes, it seemed as if there were no progress as out-of-bound events grabbed attention, energy, and such. Now, we have 'artificial' as a potential savior due to its mysteries being less amenable to review than we would like.

Yet, 'advancing civilization' requires the tools. Stay tuned.  

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