Friday, January 12, 2018


Month, Day: 173, Honour, Speech (Independence)

I just became aware of this list. Had a dream of PK with another Fulbright fella present. Did not even know that PK had passed on. 

Picked up the list here: Peter Khan.

About controversies of the south, I have cousins in Aussie land. And, have a strong tie to the 400 years on the northern end, namely personal history of the U.S.

BTW, I am doing 'psychether' as motivated by the Guardian's comment about ESP being of psychology. We span; EE looks at the physical aspects; bringing in the more non-normal is our task, somewhat.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Fifty years

Month, Day: 173, Honour, Glory (Glory)

Fifty years ago, a couple of months back, I signed the card and became a member of the Faith. Since then, lots of water under all sorts of bridges including those spanning multiple worlds.

A along, sloughing on the religion/science trail. Sometimes, it seemed as if there were no progress as out-of-bound events grabbed attention, energy, and such. Now, we have 'artificial' as a potential savior due to its mysteries being less amenable to review than we would like.

Yet, 'advancing civilization' requires the tools. Stay tuned.  

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

All worlds

Month, Day: 173, Questions, Power (Glory)

Gleanings, LI:O people! I swear by the one true God! This is the Ocean out of which all seas have proceeded, and with which every one of them will ultimately be united. From Him all the Suns have been generated, and unto Him they will all return. Through His potency the Trees of Divine Revelation have yielded their fruits, every one of which hath been sent down in the form of a Prophet, bearing a Message to God’s creatures in each of the worlds whose number God, alone, in His all-encompassing Knowledge, can reckon. This He hath accomplished through the agency of but one Letter of His Word, revealed by His Pen—a Pen moved by His directing Finger—His Finger itself sustained by the power of God’s Truth.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Will of God

Month, Day: 173, Will, Dominion (Independence)

Gleanings, LXXIII: Just as the conception of faith hath existed from the beginning that hath no beginning, and will endure till the end that hath no end, in like manner will the true believer eternally live and endure. His spirit will everlastingly circle round the Will of God. He will last as long as God, Himself, will last.
 What more could we want?

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

New Year

Month, Day: 173, Might, Questions (Majesty)

First of all: New Years - 1439 and 5778.

This year, I will be writing more about the moon phases and their influence. There are several motivations for this, including decades of observation and study. Too, I just started to pay attention to the moon focus of Islam's calendar. And, I need to revisit Judaism's approach.


Have to follow up with comments in this blog related to angels. I quit paying attention to the Wikipedia page long ago and came here. One thing that grated was the over-bearing attitude of some of the editors. I'll have to go back and see if things have changed. Not the content of the page, no the comments and re-edits brought about by some seeming to know more than others.

Perhaps, that might be true; however, in these realms, we are to bow to the Writings. That does not mean that someone cannot express an opinion.

I like this page: 5 Ways to attract and become angels

But, some of the posts here that  are related to the theme are the following
I must say, finding this page on Baha'i Cosmology was greatly appreciated.
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