Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jonah and Mary

Month, Day: 171, Splendour, Might (Beauty)

Jonah, 61: Thou shalt not be employed in affairs, nor shalt thou read a text out of the Koran, nor shall ye work any work, but we will be witnesses over you when ye are engaged therein: and not the weight of an atom on Earth or in Heaven escapeth thy Lord; nor is there aught that is less than this or greater, but it is in the perspicuous Book.

Mary, 60: We come not down from Heaven but by thy Lord's command. His, whatever is before us and whatever is behind us, and whatever is between the two! And thy Lord is not forgetful,-- Lord of the Heavens and of the Earth, and of all that is between them!

The Rodwell index.


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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Light, Mercy

Month, Day: 171, Splendour, Mercy (Justice)

The Ascendant days are hard because our grasp is weak, with limited comprehension. Those days end with Light (Let there be light). Then, along comes Mercy of the Teleological portending the Operational and Motivational days to come. 


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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Qiblih, again

Month, Day: 170, Loftiness, Questions (Beauty)

I have thought about this for years and finally feel a motivation to write the thought. It has to do with what is real or not. Or, in other words, the world is both flat and round.

Take this site, as an example.

Great site. Wonderful abstractions are behind the idea. Yet, it's based upon a crow's flight argument. Too, it puts apparatus of various sorts into the way of another look at things.

You see, we know the earth is round, orbits the sun, and the like. That is, we have the modern view, supposed by modern science,  that tells us that we are not central to any big view (actually, the whole role of modern science is to diminish the human aspect -- error upon error -- all around).

Oh, but we are central. In all sorts of senses. So, let me argue this point: the earth may be round, but the world is flat.

For one basis, let me point you to the Koran's descriptions of Paradise. Too, just consider, for those who dream, how we have this reality with us (see 7V4V, to boot). There is a whole lot of discussion that we can have.

So, the great circle may be the shortest way that we can physically get to the Quiblih. And, it goes off at some nonsensical angle (yes, used properly) from where one is. But, consider what is at the base of the great circle and its direction. Yes, there is a vector that cuts through matter (ought it be the proper focus?). That is, we can worm-hole our way in a manner that is just as effective.

That, mind you, is a potential prayer orientation, to boot. And, you might consider, that as you go away from the Qiblih, all sorts of directions are just as appropriate.

Aside: Of course, one might argue that the great circle forces your sight up. True. But, pray tell, to where are your eyes more easily turned when on the knees with head bowed? Yes, that direction that takes you directly to the Source.


The world is flat! Yes, this is being proposed from a Hilbert-influenced (nuanced) viewpoint. Audacious? You bet.

Just think of the machinations of the Creator that resulted in us having an existential experience that is properly attuned to what is to come. No, we're not counting angels on a pinhead; rather, science will need to be perturbed back to some semblance of sanity through inputs that are outside of the box (Hilbert's).


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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Groups, again

Month, Day: 170, 4th Intercalary (Glory)

As we approach the new energy point, we get close, to boot, to the re-start of the cycles. Last year, we presented a review of various groupings that make sense. Why the original use of 4? One might point to the Four Valleys. But, one could think of chords, to boot.

Today, I  wondered what a partitioning by three, which is a regular occurrence for us, would look like.

   Splendour, Glory, Beauty,
           Grandeur, Light, Mercy,
              Words, Perfection, Names,
                   Might, Will, Knowledge, 
               Power, Speech, Questions,
            Honour, Sovereignty, Dominion, 
    Intercalary, Loftiness                   

The colors depict the four-group:
       Transcendent, Teleological, Operational, Motivational, Ascendant.


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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Angels, again

Month, Day: 170, Dominion, Glory (Glory)

In an earlier post (Angels, super man), I touched upon angels briefly since the incomplete writeup on this page at Wikipedia was irritating. Why? We'll get to that, in time (it's an issue related to ontology). But, for now, let's just say that one sense is being stressed as the important one in a discussion that needs to be brought forth in the context of science and religion (this blog's theme, in case it wasn't apparent).

So, I went today to the on-line repository of the Writings. Here is a link for four searches using the word "angels" as the key. Counts are in parenthesis.
Now, in regard to a summary, the issue of the embodied is only one sense. It's obvious that there is a demarcation of heaven and earth. The former, of course, are no longer physically embodied.

As a hint, consider that we topsy-turvy put a framework other than quasi-empirical mathematics as the basis for our knowledge. Oh, we can to that? Too, looking at the physical in a more broad sense would result in properties coming to fore (as in, not then being extant - rather it's a matter of visibility and awareness) that will help us fill in pieces (operationally - think atoms).

Audacity brings this out; general evolution, and progress, keeps increasing the potential.


02/09/2014 -- Pages to bring forth: Jewish mysticism, Baha'i Cosmology, ...

02/08/2014 -- I got back on this theme while reading Robert Stockman's notes on the history of Judaism which relates to progression of knowledge.

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